Valley Center Stampede Rodeo Junior Queen Contestant #2

Emily Chavira

Emily Chavira is a 17 year old who resides in Long Beach, she is the second youngest and is one of four sisters, with an older brother.   Emily is a Senior at Woodrow Wilson High School and will be a 4th generation graduating form there.  She has been working during the school year at a local restaurant and bar, doing food preparation.

Emily’s love of animals began before she could talk. At 5 years old, she rode her first horse, and since then her passion for riding has grown to a passion for barrel racing, and a love of rodeo. Although she lives in Long Beach, as soon as school is out on Friday afternoons she gets on the train to come spend her weekends with her three horses Paisley, Sawyer and Jackie. Summer is her favorite time of year because she gets to spend every day in Valley Center with her horses. Emily grew up as a member of the Valley Center Vaqueros and the Young Riders and enjoys competing in the local rail shows and gymkhanas. She enjoys representing Valley Center in parades and has ridden in the Valley Center Western Days Parade as well as the Escondido Christmas, Capistrano, and the Coronado Fourth of July Parades. 


Valley Center Stampede Rodeo Young Miss Contestant #3

Jennaca Sanchez 
Jennaca Sanchez is 10 years old, born and raised in her hometown of Valley Center, CA. She recently completed 4th grade at Heritage Flex Academy where she maintains a 4.0 GPA. 

When Jennaca is not at the ranch riding and caring for horses, she enjoys playing competitive soccer, cheering and competing with Valley Center Pop Warner Cheer and camping with her family. Over the years she has participated in numerous sports, 4-H, Girl Scouts and the school wide spelling bee.  

Jennaca started riding English when she was 4 years old. Her love for rodeo began a couple of years later when she debuted in her first rodeo as a mutton buster. She has been riding western ever since. Recently she adopted Divalicious, an American Quarter horse, from a local rescue. They have big plans together which include barrel racing, debuting in local parades, participating in the Valley Center Vaqueros and aspire to represent the Valley Center Rodeo. 

Her future plans are to go to college to become an equine veterinarian and one day start her own horse rescue. She wants to inspire other youth to chase their dreams and overcome adversity. She is excited for the opportunity to represent her hometown rodeo.



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Valley Center Stampede Rodeo Junior Queen Contestant #4

Mia Lopez

Mia Lopez is a driven girl who is dedicated to her passions in life and can adapt to any occasion. Mia is 15 years old and at the age of 4 she got on her first pony and hasn’t gotten off a horse since. She attends Valley Center high school as a sophomore, in October of 2021 she was nominated and crowned homecoming princess for the sophomore class. She works part time training others horses, one in which she’s developed a bond with, Doc a 9 year old sorrel American Quarter horse gelding who was originally trained for roping. While in her free time you can catch her playing with her puppy or spending time with friends and family. She has one horse of her own Something with Me but also known as Roo, a 17 year old dark bay American Quarter horse gelding, this old man used to cut cows and competed in NRHA futurities, and still has the spirit of a 10 year old. These two met the summer of 2019, they weren’t like most girls and their pony’s, this pair had a rocky start but then grew together teaching each other how to trust and open their hearts to own another. She’s excited to run and if crowned she will take great pride in holding the title of Valley Center’s Jr. Miss Rodeo Queen.


Valley Center Stampede Rodeo Queen Contestant #3

Maegan Flesuras

Maegan Flesuras is 18 years old. She resides in Dehesa California with her mom, dad and two younger sisters. This year Maegan graduated from Granite Hills High School. She is excited to begin the fall semester at Cuyamaca College where she will earn her associates degree in business. After completing her first 2 years of Community College she plans on attending San Diego State University to earn her Bachelor's degree. Maegan's ultimate goal is to own her own business within the western industry. Her love for horses started at an early age, when she learned how to ride her aunt's gray pony named Bo. She takes great pride in living the western way of life; and is always learning and expanding her equine knowledge. She has shown throughout East County in a variety of western disciplines such as: ranch riding, trail challenges, and western pleasure. She was honored to have held the title of the 2020 through 2021 Jr. Miss Bulls Only Rodeo Queen. Maegan not only loves being an ambassador for the sport of rodeo but also is devoted to being a role model for the younger generation of cowboys and cowgirls.

Valley Center Stampede Rodeo Junior Queen Contestant #3

Mackenzie Fiske

Mackenzie is 17 years old and a junior at Valley Center high school. She is proud to be able to call Valley Center her home since she was just 1 year old. In 1st grade, the Valley Center rodeo queens came and visited her class during school a couple of days before the rodeo. She admired them for being the most kind and beautiful people inside and out, and they were an inspiration to her. Since then, she has attended all the rodeos and looked up to the beautiful queens, with a little hope in her heart knowing she wanted to be like them one day. Until 4th grade, she was trying to find a sport that she genuinely enjoyed doing. None of them really spoke to her, until one day, her mom found a Groupon for horse riding lessons. She was more than willing to try it, especially remembering the rodeo queens she met. Turns out that Groupon turned into her new passion. After her first lesson, she knew right then and there she was meant to ride horses. 5 years of work, dedication, and horse shows, she finally board two amazing horses. The first is a 17 year old Holesteiner named Casper, who she does English show jumping with. Her family just recently got their new 15 year old Palomino, Cheyenne. Cheyenne introduced Mackenzie to Western riding which she has fallen in love with. She can’t wait to continue to grow with Cheyenne and learn more and more from her. Outside of horses, Mackenzie loves to paint, spend time with her 2 dogs and 2 cats, and is on the cheer team as well as dance team for the high school. She has has also participated in the Miss Valley Center Pageant and was Jr. Miss Valley Center 1st Princess of 2020, where she was able to do a lot of service for her community. Even outside of pageants, she loves being involved in the community and helping as much as she can. Mackenzie is eternally grateful to live in the community of Valley Center, and honored represent it by being a contestant in this years Valley Center Stampede Rodeo Pageant.



Valley Center Stampede Rodeo Junior Queen Contestant #1

Paige Stehly

Paige Stehly currently attends Valley Center highschool, where she prides herself on keeping a high GPA. Paige is also a leader in her schools ASB class, and currently on the Varsity Cheer team. Throughout school she’s played sports like field hockey and softball, and is also a hula dancer at a beautiful halau in Vista. Paige is an active member of St. Stevens Catholic Church, and has volunteered at the St. Vincent de Paul food drive, and has helped with the Little Flowers girls group, an organization that teaches good morals and ethics to young girls in the community by doing community service projects.  Paige is Native American and belongs to the San Luis Rey Band of Mission Indians. She prides herself on learning about her culture from family and elders, as well as trying to make a difference for Native Youth today. Her writing and poems have been published alongside other young writers in “Thoughts From Native Youth”, a book that is released annually to show the thoughts, feelings, and struggles, native Americans face today. 
Paige is a lifelong member of valley center, she lives on the Nick Stehly Ranch with her family and wide variety of wild and domestic animals. In her free time Paige enjoys riding and caring for her horse Rego, a 10 year old quarter horse who has a lot of “spirit”! She routinely helps care for her animals, weather it be the smallest chinchilla or biggest zebra! She’s been a volunteer for Snows Pony Rides and Farm Animals for over 6 years, and has also worked many jobs around valley center caring for horses and mucking stalls. She has a deep love and passion for rodeo, and would love to share her knowledge about the amazing sport with people across California. Paige would be honored to represent her hometown rodeo in what truly is the best sport, and sets out to inspire youth and act as a role model to all young cowboys and cowgirls. Being a rodeo queen is a lifelong dream of hers and she is so extremely great full she has the opportunity to run. She thanks her parents, friends, and community for all the amazing support.



Valley Center Stampede Rodeo 

Little Miss Contestant #2

Macy Mault

Hi, my name is Macy Mault! I am 9 years old and go to Valley Center Elementary school. I ride western and I am learning to ride English with my trainer. My horse’s name is Milly, she is a good girl, but a little sassy. I am a part of the Valley Center Vaqueros and love going to club events and competing in gymkhanas and rail shows. I have participated in the Valley Center Western days and Escondido Veterans Day parades with the Vaqueros as well. When I am not hanging out with my horse Milly, I am practicing showmanship with my chicken Lil Dude for upcoming 4H events. In the summer time I love going to my grandparents in Lake Havasu to go swimming and boating.

Valley Center Stampede Rodeo 

Little Miss Contestant #1

Ryder Huppert

Ryder Huppert is 8 years old and has Called Valley Center Home all her life. She enthusiastically attends Second Grade at The Classical Academy Charter school. Her upbringing has always been around horses and cattle, from the moment she could sit upright on her own, she was on the back of a horse with her mom. Whether in an arena or out on trail, she was riding. Ryder started doing lead line shows at the tender age of four years old, and at five years declared to her parents that two of the families horses Kalie and Cupcake, were hers and hers alone. With this new found understanding of Responsibility, she set out ways to care for her own horses such as cleaning pens, watering, feeding and exercising them on her own. Other than riding and caring for her horses, She has a passion for contemporary dance and tap. She also enjoys practicing for competitions in the mixed martial arts of jiu jitsu as a white belt. This year, Ryder is focusing on bettering her skills as an Equestrian by learning new and better ways to care for her horse Cupcake, a grey Paso fino mare who has completely foundered in both of her front hooves. Cupcake has taken great care of Ryder, and now it’s time for Ryder to take care of her. While Cupcake is recovering, Ryder has began lessons on two of her families ponies Mishka and Diamond. With Ryders compassion and understanding, she will continue to care for her senior equine friend while her determination and hard will show the world what it takes to follow your dreams and ride until your hearts content. She hopes with some education , a little humbling, and some hard work, to earn the title of Little Miss and represent the Valley Center Stampede Rodeo and share her experiences and knowledge with her peers and others on all there is to know about the sport of rodeo and horses.

Valley Center Stampede Rodeo Young Miss Contestant #2

Kalysta Lopez
Kalysta Rayne Lopez is the beautiful brown eyed beauty to Brenden and Kyleen Lopez. She is 12 years old and resides in Imperial, CA. This is not this cowgirl’s first rodeo. In 2018 Kalysta was crowned the Brawley Cattle Call Little Miss and the 2020 Junior Queen. Kalysta loves everything rodeo, and just cannot get enough. Kalysta enjoys competing on her horse Tugboat in local Gymkhanas and trail challenges. Kalysta is also actively involved in her local 4H. She is a current breeder of Nigerian Dwarf Goats, and raises many market animals as well. She loves to do volunteer work around her community such as volunteering at local horse camps and helping out at community events. Kalysta’s goals are to one day attend Texas A&M on a rodeo scholarship and earn her degree as a large animal veterinarian. As for her queen life, this rambunctious cowgirl has some pretty big goals, so big in fact that Ridin’ Solo himself wouldn’t be able to throw her off of her path. A dream come true for Kalysta, would be to one day have the honor of holding the title of Miss Rodeo California and Miss Rodeo America.  Kalysta is honored to be able to be running for the title of the 2022 Valley Center Stampede Young Miss. 



Valley Center Stampede Rodeo 

Queen Contestant #1

Madison McLain

Hello, my name is Madison McLain and I am 19 years old and a seven year resident of Valley Center. I have been riding horses since before I could walk and I have been in love with the sport ever since I grabbed my first mane.
I rode saddle seat for seven years then moved on to western riding, where I found a love for rodeo, horse training, and the Trail Challenge Series. My goal is to grow my horse training program and help others see the unique ways that horses can help grow you as a person. I currently own a four year old Mustang mare named, Quila and a seven year old American Quarter Horse mare named, Tilly. I can proudly say I have trained both from the ground up. When I am not wearing boots I love to ride dirtbikes, surf, and travel.  I am pursuing a career in welding and plan on running my own fabrication company in the future. I am beyond grateful for the opportunity to run as your very own Valley Center Stampede Rodeo Queen, but also for the chance to learn more everyday as this pageant goes on.

Valley Center Stampede Rodeo Young Miss Contestant #1

Jayden Soliz
Jayden Soliz has lived in Valley Center her whole life and loves being a part of the rodeo community. Her love of rodeos started at the age of 4 when she tried Mutton Busting for the first time. She has since moved on to barrel racing and even competed at the NBHA race in Las Vegas.  Jayden is an active member of the Valley Center Vaqueros and Young Riders where she enjoys participating in Gymkhanas and Obstacle Courses.  This year she joined the Shooting Stars Drill Team and is excited to perform at the Poway Rodeo. Jayden has been riding western since she was 2 years old and is currently training her new 4-year-old AQHA registered horse!  Apart from all the horsin’ around, Jayden loves performing in musicals, playing sports and the saxophone. She is also active in student leadership and government roles at her school. Jayden is excited for the opportunity to represent her home town as Valley Center Stampede Rodeo Young Miss and share her love of rodeo with others!



Valley Center Stampede Rodeo Queen Contestant #2

Mia DiGiovanni

Mia, 18, is a lifelong resident of Valley Center, CA. After graduating early from Valley Center Prep in January 2021, she jumped right into pursuing her higher education and is now currently attending Mira Costa College in Oceanside, CA as a business major with a focus in marketing. Her future goal is to take her degree to work for 4 Wheel Parts, TAP as their corporate Director of Creative Marketing, which just so happens to be her dad’s current position within that exact company. She maintains a high GPA and finished her last semester off with 95+% in all of her classes, all while navigating a full time job. While she doesn’t have much time outside of school and work, when she does, she enjoys going to the desert with family and friends, breakaway roping at Hell Creek Ranch, and rodeo queening! Mia has held 3 rodeo queen titles since 2017 and has been competing intermittently since 2014. She had the honoring of being the 2017 Valley Center Stampede Rodeo Jr. Queen, the 2018 Poway Rodeo Jr. Queen, as well as the 2020-2021 Southern California Youth Bull Riders Queen. During these times, she spent the year(s) representing different rodeos all over Southern California and took pride in educating and keeping the western lifestyle alive for generations to come. She has always found a passion for sharing her equine and rodeo knowledge, and while she isn’t competing, often coaches other girls who are. Jumping back to the basics once more, Mia has been around horses her entire life, and began showing at Poway Valley Riders Association at the age of 5 on her first pony, Cali. Cali took great care of Mia, and helped shape her into the advanced, sticky seated rider she is today! Upon outgrowing her pony and child sized English saddle around 7-years-old, she began to get comfortable in a western saddle on a Missouri Fox Trotter, Justin, and then her (at the time) 6-year-old 17hh AQHA named Heza Smokin’ Package, or better known as “Doc”. Over the last 10 years, Doc (now 15yo) and Mia have managed to acquire multiple Valley Center Vaqueros rail show, cowboy challenge, and gymkhana championships as well as 3 queen titles together. Mia is more than excited to have the opportunity to run for the 2023 Queen title of her hometown rodeo that she has been attending for as long as she can remember. She would like to thank all her supporters and sponsors for their generosity, as well as her family, Lisa Burkhard, and all the other contestants for their constant support and friendship