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Hannah Dickerson-  Hannah Dickerson is 17 years old, and is a junior at Valley Center High School. She has spent the last three years representing the sport of rodeo as the 2016 Valley Center Rodeo Jr. Queen and the 2014 and 2015 Poway Rodeo Jr. Queen. Since attending her first rodeo at age three, rodeos and horses have become a large part of Hannah’s everyday life. Not only do Hannah's days revolve around her two horses, Prayer and Galaxy, she also plays Varsity field hockey and soccer for the high school as well. Hannah loves challenging herself by taking honors classes and maintaining a high GPA, all while managing her sports and hobbies of art and writing. Hannah is focused on attending college and wishes to double major in Global Studies and Spanish, and then go to law school to become an attorney, with aspirations of someday becoming a judge. Hannah belongs to the local Vaqueros Club as one of their Young Riders, and is passionate about competing with both of her horses in rail shows, cowboy challenges, and jumping. She has won many high point awards from the club as well as other county shows. Hannah is passionate about competing with both of her horses, and she is proud of the many disciplines they excel in. When she isn't in the ring competing, she loves attending rodeos, running flags, riding in parades, team-penning, barrel racing and riding on trail. For a while, she even dabbled with playing polo.  Hannah understands that success comes from ambition, hard work, and determination, but she knows that none of it is possible without a strong support group. She would like to thank her trainer for teaching her that she can always improve and to never give up, as well as the horse community in Valley Center, who have all pitched in and helped her throughout the years, her generous pageant sponsors, and mostly her parents for their unconditional love and encouragement. Hannah would also like to thank her partner, her rescue horse Prayer, who has taught her that patience and adaptability are the key to success. Horses have, and always will be a part of Hannah’s life and she is grateful for the opportunity to serve her community in a way that involves everything that she is passionate about, especially, horseback riding and public service. Hannah is sponsored by Snow's Pony Rides,Mario Brothers Construction, Jessica Hill, VC Community Pharmacy, Jeff Stein, VC Sports Apparel, Frank and Paula, Mr and Mrs Kordik, Maureen and Don Eppley, San Diego Automotive Photography, Poway General Insurance, Rainin Cats n Dogs, All American Drilling, Pureflow Productions, Hattrick Polo, A1 Irrigation, Kristi and Paris, and Valley Center Resale.

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Kaylee Tate-   Kaylee Tate is a 14 year old 8th grader that is currently attending Thurgood Marshall Middle School. She held the title 2015 Valley Center Rodeo Young Miss and is excited to run again for the Junior Queen title. Since she was a little girl she has developed a passion for barrel racing and the sport of rodeo. After 6 years of training, she now travels Southern California with her horse Aloha Keahi, also known as Tubby. They compete in barrel races, rodeos, and gymkhanas. As an active member in her Girl Scout Troop, she loves helping her community in anyway possible. She is going on 8 years in girl scouts and she is currently a Cadet in troop 8714. When Kaylee isn’t in the saddle she loves to run with her dog, play volleyball, go surfing, sing and spend time with her family. Kaylee hopes to become a equine vet in the future and own a training facility for barrel racing and other performance horses.  Kaylee is sponsored by Greenway Lawn Aeration, Poway Kumon Center, Claudine Tate, Thomas Tate, Whitney Michaels, Masano Siu LMFT, Misako Newkirk, Yoko Conniff, Megan Fewls, International Automated Brokers, Linda and Jim Miller, Mass Mutual, Ed Schafer, Kritsty and Paris,

Mia DiGiovanni-  Mia is a 13-year-old lifelong resident of Valley Center, and an eighth grader at Valley Center Middle School. She enjoys cheering for the Valley Center Pop Warner cheer team and hopefully for Valley Center High School next year. It is Mia's biggest goal to maintain a 4.0 GPA through high school and attend college at Texas A&M, where she will major in equine science and earn her veterinary degree. In 2014, Mia adopted a wild mustang on May 31 and had 90 days to train the gelding from "wild-to-mild". She competed with Waylon in the 2014 Extreme Mustang Makeover Youth Edition in Fort Worth, Texas. Upon returning from the in-hand competition, she began to saddle break Waymores' Blues. Mia has 2 horses, Doc & Waylon. Waylon, the mustang, is now just about 5-years-old and some of his talents are western & english riding, jumping, cuddling and eating. Doc is Mia's "wonder horse". He's a 9-year-old, 17 hand, registered AQHA and is by the Zippo Line. He also is very talented in almost any discipline, even some jumping! Mia is also an active member in the Valley Center Vaqueros Young Riders group, competition in rail shows, gymkahnas, cowboy challenges, and is also a rider in the youth drill team and the VCV Rose Parade Group. Some other non-horse related activities Mia enjoys include reading, driving and sometimes racing her Polaris RZR's, playing her guitar, cheerleading, going to the desert and spending time with her family on fun and buisness trips with her dad's company, UTVUnderground. Mia would like to thank all of her sponsors, friends, and family for all their endless support, for without all of you, none of this would've been possible.  Mia is sponsored by Wolfpack Motorsports, Coast Motoring, Jeremy Klem Farmers Insurance Agency, Stehly Grove Management, Mark Bush, Pence Building, Rancho Fiesta, Treehouse Reflections, The Burkhard Family, The Country Trader, San Pasqual Band of Mission Indians, Major Impact Photography, Vianette and Garcia Family, Scanion Motorsports, Bubba's Ranch Country Store, Performance Construction, Joseph DiGiovanni, Ripka's Equipment Repair, Coast Motoring, Paris and Kristy, and Quintero Racing.

Lucy Tarlton-Lucy Tarlton is a 13 year old, 8th grade student, and will be attending Valley Center High School in the fall.  Lucy just finished her last year of Pop Warner Cheerleading and had a blast with her team and was one of the team's flyers.  Lucy and her team competed in Arizona for regionals and in Florida and Las Vegas for Nationals.  Lucy has had her horse Dancer for over 4 years now.  Dancer is a Morgan that is a trained Saddleseat horse.  When Lucy first bought Dancer they focused on Saddleseat riding, but now are learning Western Pleasure.  She is very active in her church programs and service programs.  Last year Lucy competed in Track and Field doing hurdles, long jump, relay and ran the 100meter. She is a fast runner and received a tie for 1st place in hurdles.  Lucy enjoys spending time with her horse, drawing and spending time with her family and friends.  She is very excited to be running for Valley Center Rodeo Junior Queen.  Lucy is sponsored by Tarlton Enterprises, The Design Build Company, Java Journey, Park City Orthodontics, and Grandpa and Grandma Montgomery.



Kennedy Tarlton-  Kennedy is 7 years old and a 2nd grader at Lilac Elementary school and is in their bilingual program.   She has been learning to ride on her families Thoroughbred/Draft horse Aries.  He is a big boy but is a gentle giant when she rides him.  Kennedy is a very action-oriented person and loves to be around people and pets.  She has a zest for life and is very outgoing.  She has been playing the violin since she was 5 years old, loves music, singing, gymnastics, playing tennis with her mom, and is involved in Church events.  She is also a Brownie/Girl Scout and enjoys attending their service and social events.  Kennedy loves to collect 'Treasures' on her nature walks and is a proud Valley Center resident.  She is grateful to experience this opportunity to be a contestant for Valley Center Rodeo Little Miss.  Kennedy is sponsored by Tarlton Enterprises, Park City Orthodontics, The Design Build Company, and Grandpa and Grandma Montgomery.

Grace Haag-  Grace is 5 years old and lives in Point Loma, California.  She is the youngest of three children, and shares her love of horses with her sister Sydney (12).   She is in Kindergarten at St. Charles Borromeo Academy and although she loves school, she feels it sometimes gets “in the way” of riding horses.  Grace fell in love with horses at the age of 18 months when she was first placed on her Aunt Lisa’s horse Sabo.  From that moment on she was all about horses. Despite living almost an hour away, she spends every moment she can at Burkhard Ranch, where she has her favorite pony, Nutmeg.  Grace even brought (with the help of her Aunt Lisa and friend Melissa) two horses to school in San Diego, to show her classmates, many who had never seen a horse before, how much fun horses can be.  In 2015 Grace won Valley Center's 'Littlest Cowgirl'.  When Grace grows up she would like to be a veterinarian, taking care of all animals.  In addition to riding horses, Grace loves golf, softball, Girl Scouts (Daisy troop #4816), and playing video games with her big brother Shane (13).  Grace would like to thank her family and friends for supporting her and always pushing her to reach for the stars.   Grace is sponsored by The Burkhard Family, Younique Products, Grandma and Grandpa Haag, Karen and Steve Panissidi, and the The Country Trader

Emily Chavira-  Emily Chavira is an 11 year old  student at Stanford Middle School,  from Long Beach, CA.  Emily spends her weekends and vacations in Valley Center.  Valley Center is where her best friend Missy the Palomino lives and where she feels her life begins and ends.  Emily is the second youngest child in the house of a an older brother and four sisters, ages 10,12, and 13. When Friday comes around she puts on her blue jeans and her cowboy boots and heads for her dream life of country living.  Emily can always be found in the barn, cleaning, grooming or just telling secrets to her horse.  
Emily plays softball in the fall, and is a great pitcher as well as the many other positions.  Spring time is for horsing around so you won’t catch her on any dream teams.  Emily began riding her horse Missy two years ago, and the two have quickly bonded. In no time at all they were racing around barrels.  The two of them will be found at local Gymkhana shows and local rodeos.  She would someday like to professional barrel race.  This year Justin a Missouri Fox Trotter joined our family.  Emily is going to be riding him in the pageant.  She has been working hard at teaching him to roll back and do the turn he needs.  He’s learning to pick up his pace and leads.   Teaching Justin has opened up a different set of goals for horsemanship. 
Emily has been actively planning her wardrobe, and jewelry for queening this year.  She has personally selected everything she is wearing and helped in the designing of all her attire.  She makes some of her own jewelry and will be wearing a belt buckle she made with her dress.  Emily has dreamed of being queen since she was five.  She’d like to someday represent Valley Center, as Miss Rodeo California as well as Miss Rodeo America.  Emily is sponsored by Valley Center Oil, Kevin Fleck, RDO Water, Sees Precision Machine Works, Frank Holtz, Beach Cities Properties, DH Knisely, Alan Augustine, and Melinda Smith.

Grace Lynn Robins  Grace Lynn Robbins is 11 years old and is a 5th grader at Herk Bouris Elementary School in Menifee, CA. Grace has been riding horses since she was 5 years old. She primarily competes in barrel racing, pole bending, and goat tying in the California Junior Rodeo Association. Last year, she participated in her first rodeo queen pageant, and feels that it was one of the best experiences of her life. When Grace isn't in the saddle, she is involved in swim, ballet, and is an accomplished goat trainer. She has been working hard at perfecting her own magic show, and is also an avid lizard catcher. Among Grace's many aspirations, she would like to be either a hair stylist or Las Vegas magician when she grows up.  She is working hard towards a successful rodeo queen career, and her biggest dream come true would be to some day carry the American flag at the WNFR!  Grace is sponsored by American Pride Concrete, and Valley Center Parks and Recreation.

Samantha Picot-  Samantha Picot is 9 years old and in 4th grade at the Valley Center Elementary  School. She is in the Technology Club at school,  and an active member of the Valley Center Vaqueros and rides in their Young Riders Drill Team. Samantha has been riding horses most of her life and has been showing since the age of one. Samantha enjoys riding her pony Shiloh, her dad's horse Prince and her mom's mule Francis.  She competes in English and Western shows, and even showed Francis at Bishop Mule Days in 2016. Samantha and Shiloh are often seen at horse shows, trail rides, and in the Vaqueros Parade Group that are trying to get accepted in the 2018 Rose Parade. Samantha competed at the Valley Center Stampede Rodeo in Junior Barrels for several years and in 2015 was the Valley Center Rodeo Little Miss. She hopes to be able to represent the Valley Center Stampede Rodeo as their Young Miss.  Samantha is sponsored by FoxxMD, Picot Real Estate, Grandma and Grandpa Tewalt, John Yeager, the Murphy Family, Grandma and Grandpa Picot, Uncle Bill, Rowling and Associates, Temecula Creek Equine, Kristy and Paris,   and The Maxwell Family.